Recent Work

Being a part of Community Action of Allegan County's inaugural Hearts and Hands Event was a lot of fun.  From save the dates to the event welcome sign, all of the collateral kept a consistent and identifiable {but still fun!} look.


Handmade pies made right in the owners home as a cottage food business, the logo for The Local Lattice needed to be wholesome, clean and have a slight vintage vibe; giving customers the ultimate nostalgic feeling as they bite into the made from scratch crust and relive the familiar taste of Grandma's pie.

Icons, bright colors and typography made this postcard for Allegan County United Way a lot of fun. In conjunction with this piece, I made infographics for the organization showcasing its impact and countywide demographics. Using the same icons I used in the infographics as the imagery for this postcard tied all the pieces together for consistent messaging. 

I have a soft spot for nonprofits who's mission has anything to do with woman empowerment. Which is why it was such a pleasure to be able to work with Sylvia's Place. Sylvia’s Place is Allegan County’s only domestic violence safe house. Mind you, Allegan County is the largest county in Michigan geographically. The ability to work with the small team who keep this organization going is just amazing. In 2015 we began working on a new website for the organization which had morphed into a logo redesign as well.

The new logo is a refresh of the past logo. Keeping the purple (the color of domestic violence awareness) and symbolic heart, the new logo embraces a modern look with a sleeker updated font and heart design.

Ever been to a community event and become so inundated with brochures you become overwhelmed and throw them in the recycle bin without ever taking a glance? I know I am guilty. Venturing away from the traditional brochure size and opting for something more compact and pairing it with a heavier paper weight, the idea was folks would stop and take a minute to see what Allegan County United Way is all about. After all, it is 1/3 the size of a traditional brochure - it can't be too time consuming, right?

Being small in the size, the brochure gets straight to the point and addresses the two concerns any donor needs to know: an organization's impact and how to give.

The Anchor Christian Community Center 

Creating a website for a domestic violence shelter was an eye-opening experience for me. While scrollable one page websites may be having a moment, that wasn't the only reason we went with this design. The Sylvia's Place one page design allows users to find what they need quickly and to exit the website at any moment. From the homepage slider directing the user to information on how to leave an abuser to the exit site button at the top right corner, the homepage was made with a victim in mind.

The sticky menu allows users to learn more about giving back, from volunteering to donating money and household items.

Recently celebrating it's 20th anniversary, Oak Ridge Feed wanted a vintage logo to commemorate the milestone. From the rich antique colors to the retro block font, it's as if the logo was fresh off the letterpress.